Saturday, November 26, 2011

Status Update!

Hello electronic music lovers, likers, haters, and people in general!  I'm gonna take a break from the TOTD (Track Of The Day) for today and I'm gonna let you guys know what's going on in my life.  First of all, my semester is going pretty well.  The Launch of all these awesome games: Skyrim, Minecraft, Batman Arkham City (PC) and more have been keeping me really busy.  

I've got gigs rolling in left and right, which is where I want to be DJing-wise.  I've been playing at a local Hookah Bar and we'll be having a show this upcoming Monday, which hopefully will rock.  I'll also be spinning some Hip-Hop with a buddy known as SmarT, along with my colleague Nemi.  

The Digital Dance Club radio show is still going on, but we have delayed recording the podcasts for the sake of wanting more of a structure to how the show works.  I want it to be professionally produced.

I'll be upgrading my equipment.  For a while I've been using my S4, which is an amazing top notch DJ controller.  I'll be getting the Scratch upgrade for it, and either two turntables or two CDJs to plug in to use the timecode.  That means I'll be running 4 decks, and with turntables it'll give me the ability to learn how to really scratch, especially when mixing hip-hop beats.

That's about it guys!  Look forward to the TOTD tomorrow!  And who knows what Nemi might have in store for you!


DJ Blay

Thursday, November 24, 2011

TOTD: Resurrection (Axwell's Recut Club Version) - Michael Calfan

Hello DDC readers and revelers! I bring you the track of the day, brought to you by DJ Blay AKA Basscadet!  First, before I get into the meat of this, I'd like to wish all of you that are celebrating Thanksgiving a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Also, PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE be careful tomorrow as it is Black Friday.  I wouldn't want any of you guys getting trampled while trying to bolt inside best buy.

Alright lets dig into this track.  Michael Calfan isn't a very well known producer, and one can tell this by checking out his facebook page.  He only has about 6-7 thousand likes.  But this tracks is quality, and I wouldn't be surprised if it made it into one of Tiesto's Club Life podcasts.  Axwell, who is actually VERY well known in the scene is the name on this track that is really making it heard in more places.  This track has a SICK progressive lead that really leaves you thinking: "Now THIS is what Progressive House is."  
This song is pretty straight forward, great to playlist and easy to mix in and out of.  The repetitive synth rhythms make them pretty easy to loop so you can bring another track in from under it if you wish.  Like most Progressive House tracks, the builds are what makes the track.  Don't be playing with that build unless you really know what you are doing.  BPM: 128 Key: G Minor.


DJ Blay

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nemi's Pick (First Post!)

Hello friends! My name is Nemi and I am a DJ, musician working with Basscadet (Blay). I'm somewhat spontaneous when it comes to song selections, so expect my updates to appear sporadically.

That being said...

So I was cleaning out my inbox the other day and I stumbled across an invitation from one of my soundcloud links to download this FREE song by FireFarm. The track is called "No Good Start the Jericho" and it turns out that this is a cover medley of "Jericho" and "No Good Start the Dance" by The Prodigy. Now I know what you're probably thinking: "nobody can perform these tracks as well as The Prodigy!" In which case, if comparing the two side by side, you're probably right. However, I think that for what this song is, I would say this is a notable attempt. As a remix, I say this is top notch!

For those of you (like myself) who appreciate driving synth melodies and a grungy drum and bass undertow, I highly suggest giving this song a listen. The voice sampling is also ideal for building hype and getting folks up on their feet.


The Prodigy

Le Youtube's (No Good Start...)

Le Youtube's (Jericho)

DJ tips: I would throw this song in as an intro for a jungle, dubstep, or drum and bass set, or perhaps just to simmer down the power of one before smacking folks again with the amazing build. This song is also good if you're looking for a motif to bring in and out as your set progresses. Perhaps instill a sense of nostalgia? Towards the end of the track, the stylings become more modern dubstep friendly. So it wouldn't be a bad idea to use that as a segway to a good ole' session of "wub wubs" either. (Yeah I said it!) Either way you choose to wield this ferocious weapon, be sure to let it play out and try not to mix in to early. This song has more than enough energy to stand on its own.

Well...there you go!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Back from a Break. TOTD: Levels (FTampa Remix) - Avicci

So it's been a while since I've made a post on here.  I don't even remember what font I regularly used on these blog posts. Not only that, but I don't even remember the format.  But I'll try and do this as best as I can.

Also:  look forward to the podcasts being posted up on here at a much quicker rate!

So this track is a remix of Avicci's Levels, which is known as a very "synthy" progressive house track that tends to lie, on a scale of chill to epic, above epic. This remix takes this track on a new spin and makes it all... er... electro-y.  But seriously it rocks, check it out.

DJs: The levels between the build and the drop is rather... wide, so if you think you need to raise your levels during the build to compensate for the song, DON'T!  The drop will be heavy and hit fast.  Breaks are a great spot to mix another track in, that main melody line is also a great accapella for a loop to drop another beat on it.
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