Saturday, November 26, 2011

Status Update!

Hello electronic music lovers, likers, haters, and people in general!  I'm gonna take a break from the TOTD (Track Of The Day) for today and I'm gonna let you guys know what's going on in my life.  First of all, my semester is going pretty well.  The Launch of all these awesome games: Skyrim, Minecraft, Batman Arkham City (PC) and more have been keeping me really busy.  

I've got gigs rolling in left and right, which is where I want to be DJing-wise.  I've been playing at a local Hookah Bar and we'll be having a show this upcoming Monday, which hopefully will rock.  I'll also be spinning some Hip-Hop with a buddy known as SmarT, along with my colleague Nemi.  

The Digital Dance Club radio show is still going on, but we have delayed recording the podcasts for the sake of wanting more of a structure to how the show works.  I want it to be professionally produced.

I'll be upgrading my equipment.  For a while I've been using my S4, which is an amazing top notch DJ controller.  I'll be getting the Scratch upgrade for it, and either two turntables or two CDJs to plug in to use the timecode.  That means I'll be running 4 decks, and with turntables it'll give me the ability to learn how to really scratch, especially when mixing hip-hop beats.

That's about it guys!  Look forward to the TOTD tomorrow!  And who knows what Nemi might have in store for you!


DJ Blay

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