Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Been a While...

Every time I post here, I tend to say:  "Hey guys, I'm back! blah blah blah, I'm gonna post more, blah blah blah, Here is an awesome track, blah blah blah." 

I'm going to stop.

Not the blog,  but saying, and not doing. 

Over the past half month quite a bit has changed in my life, and long story short here is what happened.:

Got dumped by a girl I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with.
Lost 25 pounds.
Got really fit.
Did really well in school.
Focused on my future life and got an internship.
Started drinking.
Moved back in with the parents due to a flea issue at the apartment.
Moved back out.
Approved for promotion in the National Guard. (Now lets just hope I get it! :D)
Working at this internship, on my own, going to school.

Now I'm making the final step.  Connecting my DJ network in full passion.  Youtube account with my mixes.  Keeping my most up to date mixes available on soundcloud.  Daily updates on my Djing stuff.  Always talking about good tracks I find, etc.  Just essentially really doing what I love without the external pressure, which is easier now because I live alone.  I can do what I want.

You can take this as a promise, or an "I swear"  or whatever you want.

But Basscadet is back, as Blay.

DJ Blay


  1. Wish I could get my life back on track like you :P

    1. Hey Shaw, all it takes is some motivation. You gotta dig deep, find your passion.


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