Friday, December 13, 2013

Personal Post - Blay

Hey guys!

I've been super busy for an amount of time entitled: Forever.  I'm flowing with ideas and creativity but the issue I'm running into is the lack of motivation to actually make the first step on acting upon these ideas.

I've been considering starting a personal blog or fitness blog to track my hopeful progress.  I've thought about starting a business, a winery, a software development company.  The only thing I don't really want to do is finish school.  I've felt like I've outgrown the college crowd.  I feel much older than most of the students, I feel like I can't relate to many other students, and I feel like with my internship that I have right now that I've got it made. 

There are a few things I need to get through my thick skull:
  1. My internship ends when school ends.
  2. My internship is my main source of income.
  3. I can't pay my bills without my internship
So that brings me to the conclusion that I should stay in school and graduate, but also brings up another personal issue.

Compared to others and the standard, I'm way behind in school.  I'm a senior and about to be in my 2nd semester and I'm way behind on credits.  There is no way I can finish school on time. 
...Okay, I know I shouldn't compare myself to others, but let's all be honest, we do it.  I'll just stop right there.  I will graduate when I'm ready, but I honestly need to stop dropping classes and focus on school work.
My DJing has been on the slowest burn this year.  I haven't mixed but maybe twice this past month.  I'm behind on the times with Electronic Dance Music as well.

With the semester wrapping up to a close these next few weeks off of school will hopefully allow me to clear my head, focus on myself, make some extra money, and enjoy the holidays with my friends and family.

I've slowly evolved (devolved) from a goal oriented go-getter to a somewhat cocky go-sayer.

From my previous experiences and accomplishments I have gained the bad habit of talking a lot, but not necessarily doing a lot.  The more upsetting part is this doesn't exist in one portion of my life.  It exists in school, work, and my personal life.

New Years resolutions always sound good.  It's like starting back at level 1.  You can instantly change your life and be a different person.  The only problem with that is it takes a LOT of energy and motivation.  And I guarantee half the people that say they are going to change are going to wake up hungover as hell on New Years day.

So I'm going to start my New Years resolutions/goals/whatever you want to call it, now.

Step One: Create Goals.

- Blay

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