Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TOTD: Unprepared (Marcel Woods Remix) - Marco V

The track of the day today is Unprepared which is a boss progressive house track.  This track features a musical word known as counterpoint.  Counterpoint is two melodies at once.  This track features one melody (The vocals) then the synth.  Then soon after that, both at the same time.  It just makes you want to get crazy down on the floor

This track mixes well as it has a good rhythmical intro and outro.



  1. There was a tent set up at the picnic area on the Grapefruit Tunnel Trail in Fayetteville - were you one of the DJs spinning on the lawn?!

  2. ooh I'll listen to this next time I'm typing a blog post. thanks for this!

  3. Clean mix, I'm a big drum & bass fan...AK 1200 - prepare for assault - Five Tones, a must have for every D & B fan.

  4. To bad I don't really like this sort of music, but seems interesting. Followed.

  5. Nice find. I wanted to listen to the track on Youtube, but I can't due to country restrictions. I live in Germany.

  6. @ Geojour No I wasn't. Was just a random person spinning?

    @Mike No problemo!

    @Natural One I love D&B If you look at one of my newer blog posts one of the podcasts has a pretty good set of D&B.
    @Sketchar Thanks so much buddy!
    @Blogsberg Did you get to hear the beatport preview?


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