Friday, July 22, 2011

TOTD: Around The World (Original Mix) - Arty

Another Progressive house piece here today!  In case you guys didn't know Progressive house is very well known for it's HUGE build ups and not letting those build ups down.  I personally love Prog House much more than any other kind.  (other types of house are almost boring to me)  But this is always exciting and Around The World doesn't let you down.  Not once.

Mixes well.  By the way a lot of these TOTDs I download that same day and will mix it on my podcast. So look forward to that!


  1. around the world.. is that daft punk? good post

  2. @Mike, this is not a Daft Punk track.

  3. nice post. i'll keep reading your next ones. :33

  4. Sweet, shall look out for the new ones!


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